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For most people writing seems daunting in some way. Maybe you think you will get stuck or nobody will read your piece, perhaps you don’t know how to write. This is why we are offering to start a new ‘Getting into Journalism’ online course. After completing this course you will be able to write with us and feel more confident with writing.

The course will start with an introduction, it will be on another similar blog which will be password protected. We will then advance to you writing about stuff near you and everything will start to develop.

Once finishing the course you can choose to join our writers and be assigned tasks, you finished articles can be read by hundreds of people every week.

So how do you get involved? Visit the get involved page of this site and fill out the form, once that is done we will email you with the free password. You will need this to read posts on the new site.

The course is due to start in June 2011. For more information get in touch.

You have to be between 13-21 years old to take part.

Youth Press UK for Young People by Young People


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