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We’re on Twitter, how exciting…!

With Twitter becoming increasingly more popular with young people we thought that we would just have to create our own account for you to follow and ‘tweet’ about.

We will be tweeting about all the latest news and articles on our site and everything that you want us to tweet about. Follow us to make our website come to life to create a truly awesome service which is accessible to all…! So how do you follow us, well all you twitter fans out there will simply need our user name @youthpressuk or you could visit our profile twitter.com/youthpressuk –  you don’t even need a twitter account to see our posts.

We run a new service therefore WE NEED FEEDBACK about everything, and I mean everything, that we do. From you telling us what you thought of a post to you telling us about our tweets, services or even the design of our site. Otherwise we cannot improve. So tell us – you can comment to this message or get in touch through the feedback forms. Also we are really interested for you just to email us using the feedback forms saying “I read your site” and maybe a bit about you so we can build our knowledge on our demographics.

Thanks for reading, remember, STAY TUNED!



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