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Editor’s Blog: 10/6/11

Well what a busy past month we’ve all had. A month ago we were in the process of electing new local leaders and our voting systems, a month ago the royal wedding was just dying out in people’s minds, a month ago there was a dawn of a new website; Youth Press was born.

I keep trying to sum up the site in three words and to be honest I can’t. At the moment I may just be speculating over potential however see this site as a community. I see that one day we will have hundreds of viewers and writers and that our website will be on loads of people’s bookmarks bar. I see a place to come and get the news, a place to read latest reviews, blogs. I see a colourful website, buzzing with activity. One in which you can write for and then use it for your CV. I see a website that comes up in the search results for Google.

However what can I say has happened? – again we are only a month in but we have three writers and myself, and haven’t exactly packed our site full of content…yet.

We need you, post this onto your Facebook wall, retweet it on Twitter – do anything you can to advertise our site, do anything at all to try and start building a community with us. Tell us how we are getting on, tell us what’s wrong, what’s to be improved using the contact us page. Because I see potential, I hope we all do.

This is the motivational speech before the football match as at the end of the month I hope to achieve 100 page views a day, so far 80 is the maximum.

This month has been busy, however there is more to come and in a years time let’s hope that success with come our way. Together we can create this amazing site.

And with all of my motivational talk over I have good news!- the newsletter is in development however we need some artists. Contact us via the get involved page to learn more – we are looking for doodlers to design unique pictures for articles, blogs, newsletters and the homepage – a great way to start an artistic career.

I look forward to hearing from you!

George, Editor

Youth Press UK

Youth Press Logo (Copyright Youth PressUK)


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