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Editor’s Blog: 24/06/2011

As summer time fast approaches and we’ve reached the longest day the sporting season begins – wimbledon, cricket, golf and all sorts of other sports are coming up. Which brings me on to my good old weekly plea – we need some sports commentators. Do you like sport? can you write/blog? if so get involved! We need more and more people to stand up and say “yes I’ll join” if we want to make this work. And the good news doesn’t stop there – oh no…

The Summer's Sport (Credit: askeachother.com)

If you have a passion for journalism or just like sharing your thoughts for the world yet are not keen on endless writing you can join up to be a vlogger or podcaster. Yes there are now two other positions available with YouthPressUK:

  • The ‘Vlogger’ is a video blogger. Say you have a passion for sport, books, films, tv, fasion, drama, dance, theatre… then why not record short videos every week in stead of writing about them. We will upload them to our YouTube channel and link them up the the site. How exciting! So you now can be in the spotlight and broadcast in front of our audience!
  • The Podcaster is the same sort of role and easy to guess. You create a weekly podcast of your favourite news and again, any of the above.

Contact us with more details with regards to either of these opportunities using our get involved or contact pages.

Last post I mentioned the Print off Pass on scheme which is really important to getting more and more people using the site and writing/reading or just helping us out. We have decided this scheme will now start next Friday and will be launched with the Editor’s blog. A specific page will be created for this and hopefully we will get a prize for the person who can refer the most people. See our page when it becomes available.

Thanks again everyone! Your support is priceless and without you we can’t make something out of YouthPressUK!

George, Editor



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