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Running Backwards: Flavour of the Month: June

Well it’s nearly the end of the month and I’ve managed to rack up 5 of these lovely reviews! Isn’t that nice, So to end each month I thought it would be a good idea what with me being YouthpressUK’s “go to” guy for entertainment and media reviews (Don’t laugh…) I would showcase some of the most interesting, funniest and intelligent video’s that I’ve managed to find over the month, I’ll usually try to find more obscure or lesser heard of video’s and hopefully you guys will find something you like from it. So without further ado!

Dan’s Interesting video of the month:

You know in films when someone gets hit with a bottle? That’s commonly referred to as “Sugar Glass” it’s produced using a sugar mixture and as far as being hit with it goes, its not to bad compared to the real thing…

The guys at Beatdownboogie demonstrate here a quick and really quite cheap way of making as much sugar glass as you like, its a really simple walkthrough and having tried it myself it comes out pretty ok as well, its brilliant to play around with , as a joke to play on friends and for actual film making and props, if you have a bit of a burning ambition to create that Kung-foo film you’ve always dreamed of or you just want to start a pub brawl but don’t want to actually hurt anyone, this is the video for you.

Dan’s Funniest Video of the month:

If you haven’t heard of Rémi Gaillard then I highly advise you head over to youtube and book up on some of his pranks…no its fine I’ll wait… … … Back? Brilliant. Rémi has been doing stunts like the above for years, with a back catalogue of well over 100 pranks, Falls and very near fatalities Rémi shows no signs of slowing down at all. If you like a bit of Slapstick humour and some really clever “Trolling” moments I recommend him highly if only for the ridiculously high number of video game parodies he’s been involved in/responsible for.

Dan’s Intelligent Video of the month:

Just squeezing in this month’s edition by the skin of it’s teeth is this piece by Roy Zimmerman, he’s been performing on Youtube now for just over 4 years now and has developed a rather addictive cult following, a satirist at heart Zimmerman is always updating with topical songs and stand up, this particular video relates to the prediction of the Rapture back at the very tail end of last month, witty and divisive, funny and factual, if you haven’t yet been introduced to Zimmerman and you have a slight dark sense of humour I’d check him out.

Rewind: Walking Forwards:

As an added bonus to this already clearly heaving article (I think a building just collapsed under the weight of that sarcasm) Here’s something I picked up from 1967 France it’s easily one of the most confusing things i’ve found on Youtube almost clean out of the pages of Monty Python, here’s Dim Dam Dom:


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2 thoughts on “Running Backwards: Flavour of the Month: June

  1. Leave a comment below – what did YOU think of the videos…?!

    Posted by youthpressuk | June 24, 2011, 4:15 pm

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