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Editor’s Blog: 1/07/2011

Youth Press UK, a funny thought now I look back on it. Because some 50 years ago Journalism was still all about Fleet Street and big names, so it is so great that now we can involved anyone in it. Remember not too long ago young people were ‘Seen but not heard’ – so in some ways YouthPressUK could be seen as a revolution of an ever changing world.

And now in this, my weekly blog I yet again ask for more and more members so we can keep growing and get changing. Because now we have a 5 members!- we haven’t exactly grown to 100 yet have we?! So what do we need to do, well we do need to promote ourselves some how and how are we going to do that – we don’t know!

However you can still help us – as you’re reading this, you’ve been directed to the site somehow… how? Well email us and let us know – it’s quite simple, visit the contact us tab and go from there. Also we really want all of your suggestions as to how we can improve the site and how we can promote ourselves. Because we need to be the next viral name the next revolution. Post us on Twitter, on Facebook… do whatever you can to attract more and more members, please.

I was trying to launch the Print Off Pass On scheme today however we could not find a prize and haven’t designed the leaflets. So we really do need to get help soon other we might have to leave the project for a while.

Sorry I’ve had to plea with you today, however this is all I can do. Please, please give us a hand to make YouthPress strong soon, it can’t go on without support.



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