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Wimbledon: Defeated Murray…Again.

When we think of Wimbledon we think strawberries and cream, sunny weather, random famous people and the crowds on Henman hill always disappointed when Andy Murray loses in the semi final and to whom well this time Rafael Nadal from Spain.

The match was off to a perfect start for Murray representing the Brits at the annual tennis match that we host, and lose. But this time he managed to rack up a whole set of victory before his parade was soon rained on. Nadal with his supposed injury make a glorious come back and thrashed Andy there and then, nothing to argue about.The whole thing was so surreal you would head out of the room to get a drink with Murray winning and then come back to find Nadal was a set up.

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However as much as we can criticize Murray’s defeat it was a great day for tennis and a brilliant match. The shear amount of strength and detemination that both players show is unbelievable and seeing some of Nadal’s (who has been playing since the age of 4) crazy badminton like returns is incredible.

Check back on YouthPress for more on the later finals and to read about the two finalists now Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic both seeds from day one.

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