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Editor’s Blog: 8/07/2011

Hi Folks, today I pose a question to you all – what are you up to this summer? Summertime used to be all about beaches and going around in VW Campers yet now it is more going abroad and flying off somewhere as the English weather gets worst.

For me it will be Cornwall – the sun, sea and surf. It will also be the ideal time to really update YouthPress and to try and get more and more people using it… a great opportunity to send loads of emails and do things like that as well along with the other work I do. I’m so glad to finally have the summer holidays coming up after a long time of studying etc.

For you though, I do hope a glance of YouthPress might be in the weekly agenda. However if some of you do have more time in the summer then why not help us out and join the promotional team – you could have your own email set up to contact loads of friends, coworkers, peers, companies who can support us… you get the idea.

I am now saying this – we now have around 10 visitors a day, that’s not really great. So we need to get up to around 100 visitors a day by 2012. A nice challenge to help YouthPress grow. If you are thinking of becoming a writer then go for it! – just contact us, we don’t bite.

I know this blog is usually the same but hopefully if we get more people we can start expanding and I can write about something interesting.

Coming Up This Month… July 2011:

  • Summer Holiday plans – from young people, to share your story, contact us.
  • Of course our HARRY POTTER reviews..! – fancy writing them?
  • Your summer sports – contact us to share…
  • Plus… talking to other famous faces about their favourite reads/films/activities.
  • And lots of prizes – check out our ‘Print out Pass on’ scheme coming soon for more info.

Any other ideas – youthpress.uk@gmail.com or head to the contact us page.

Thanks again for reading guys, please tweet this or retweet it – or just do whatever to help us keep YouthPress alive and healthy!


Youth Press UK Editor & Team

Fancy Writing a Blog? – Contact Us for More info!


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