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Running Backwards: Flavour of the Month: July (a Dr Who Special!)

Well here we all are again and as we draw a close to the month of July 2011 a month that saw not only British but Worldwide journalism shaken to it’s very foundations but also the final launch of an America space shuttle there is something noticeably absent from every nerd’s television listings, something important…something…cool. As my faithful readers are aware I am a huge fan of the television series of Doctor who which is currently in the middle of a rest period that started last month and will continue till August 27th when it’s been reported that it will resume airing the second half of series 6 (Or series 32 if you’re a classic series fan)

Naturally when faced with a lack of “New Who” for at least a month let alone 3 months several members of the Doctor who fan community have decided to focus their efforts in making the long wait as tolerable and enjoyable as possible, and boy have they bought out some amazing stuff this time around! So! for this month only as a one off I’ve decided to use the power of youtube to make this month’s edition of “Flavour Of The Month” a Doctor Who Special! Starting with:

Dans interesting Video of the month:  Feast of Steven

There are 108 episodes of Doctor who that are missing; just gone, deleted from the BBC archive. From the early 1960’s right through to the late 1970’s what is known as “junking” occurred in the BBC archives. Back then backing material up onto smaller systems was difficult and mostly due to cost and space issues the BBC had to clear large amounts of its older material from their archives to make room for newer programmes. This often meant lone episodes or entire series would be deleted to make room. The Feast of Steven was the seventh episode of a series known as “The Daleks Masterplan” which originally aired from 1965 to 1966. This Mammoth serial ran to 12 episodes with an additional episode “Mission to the Unknown” as a prelude…This one serial alone was almost the same length as nine episodes of the new series Doctor who and sadly due to the junking only three episodes (episodes 2,5 and 10) are known to exist in the archive. The video your watching above shouldn’t really exist. As far as missing episodes go The Feast of Steven could be considered the most lost episode, it was only ever aired once, never sold to any other countries and was immediately destroyed thereafter, luckily however audio recordings survive after some plucky fan’s brilliant initiatives saved the soundtracks of the complete series in pristine condition.  Here youtube user adamsbullock has completely reanimated said missing episode in it’s entirety a feat which at the time of writing has only ever been attempted once (With 2 missing episodes of a 1968 serial known as The Invasion) The animation was created following detail from scripts  and so for many of us. This will be the closest we may get to finally seeing this lost episode returned. A definite watch for whovians old and new.

Dans Intelligent Video of the month: TimelordTVrevolution –Torchwood

Paul Clarke is an online commentator on all things “whoniversal” starting way back in 2009 his opinions and insights into the world of Doctor who are often both intriguing and insightful, covering all bases from his youtube channel TimelordTVrevolution Paul skewer’s the fan opinion and most of the time covers both the pro’s and con’s of the series in all its formats. From looking at his channel it is also apparent his love for the show extends well beyond the TV series with several videos listed in which he contacts radio stations discussing the series to add his input and beliefs. The video above from earlier this month discusses his expectations for the newest series of Torchwood, and the enthusiasm he demonstrates in a fan community that is consistently plagued with negativity and a paranoia over the shows future is really quite refreshing, if you’re interested in a more intellectual approach to your Who discussions you may wish to hop over to his channel and check him out.

Dan’s Funny video of the month: Craig Ferguson: Doctor Who Special

The Late late show with Craig Ferguson is a rather obscure programme on British shores. To summarise it’s essentially a US talk show but with nerdy references. Current Doctor (Matt Smith) and his companions both River Song (Alex Kingston) and Amy Pond (Karen Gillan) have appeared on the show and a slow but steady following appears to be emerging in the online community, Craig himself could be considered a nerd at heart and many times the show has opened on an obscure musical numbers or with specific Sci-fi references. The above video was the opening of their Doctor who special in which Matt Smith was a guest.  The episode itself was brilliant and I highly recommend you hunt that out if you ever get the chance as it’s quite possibly the most bizarrely brilliant pieces of broadcast American television for a good while.


Rewind: Walking forwards: Doctor in distress

This time courtesy of 1985 we find what could quite possibly be considered the world’s first trock (Time lord based Rock) track ever! Besides possibly Frazer Heinz’s 1960’s track “Who’s Dr.Who” though I do find that link a bit tenuous and Im a believer it’s “Doctor who” not “Dr.Who” but that’s nit picking…moving on…When Doctor who was placed on hiatus in 1985 the fan community generated an uproar so loud the BBC actively turned on their heels and a new series was commissioned in 1986 as a result. This Charity Single was at the epicentre of the fan protest, whether you love it or hate it it’s cheesy enough to have a charm about it. Featuring classic “Who” celebrities such  as the Sixth Doctor himself (Colin Baker), The Brigadier (The Late Nicholas Courtney), and Miss Perpugilliam Brown (Nicola Bryant) here is Doctor In Distress; The Marmite of Fandom:

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