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Youth Press UK’s Guide to the Summer.

Well summer time is here – even though it may not be the hottest time of year (I think we can award that to April) the point is that most people have time of school, uni or college and so we had to write a little guide on what to do in these 6 weeks. Read on…

Volunteering – The summer time is a great chance for you to get out of the house and into your local community to do some volunteering. As dull as this may or may not seem, there is much more to the world of volunteering opportunities as you might think. Why not try your local council to see if you can help up in a museum or library, try your local scouts, guides or st John Ambulance groups to see if you can be a volunteer leader, try the Red Cross to do some first aid volunteering or somewhere like the National Trust at your local property where you can do anything from room interpreting or event stewarding to film making. The list is endless so why not try it out this summer!

Click for the V Inspired Volunteering Website

Photography – This is something that really can bore people but can also really inspire people. Ever shot the world through a lens? – Well why not? It doesn’t matter if you are using a little disposable camera or a professional SLR – as it’s all in the photographer and it’s just about having a bit of fun. You don’t even need to live anywhere particular or travel far to do it- you could even do it in the back of your garden! If you start getting good at it then why not enter it into some competition or a local flower show or village fete. Most areas have a local competition every now and again so you can look at other people’s work and they can look at yours!

Great Television – Well, maybe people often say that summer is the time to get outdoors – but you’d be surprised about how much quality telly is on over the summer. I’ve heard rumours that the likes of Sherlock on BBC1 and Torchwood are back so why not take a look. Stay tuned to here more news from YouthPress about what you can expect to see on the TV this summer – only for the rainy days though!

Go to a festival – Summer is the season of festivals and they’re great ways of having some time away from home, hearing some awesome music, and enjoying the best (and worst) of the summer weather. Now I know what you’re thinking, festivals are really expensive…  Not true. Have you ever thought about volunteering at a festival? Many festivals rely on people to volunteer as stewards. In return for doing a few hours work each day, you’ll often be rewarded with free entry for the festival, free camping (in the steward area) and at some festivals they even give you beer tokens for your trouble! Also look for local festivals, so what if you don’t see the big bands, you might just see the next big band without having to pay the giant price tag.

The Oxfam festival volunteering site: www.oxfam.org.uk/Stewarding

Going to a Theme Park – Yes I am aware that most major theme parks try to charge you the earth just to get through the front gates, so here a few tips and tricks to make things a little easier. First of all, look out for those two for one entry deals, they are about pretty much everywhere, or chose a smaller theme park, you can have just as much fun at these. Secondly, take food and drink with you. I know it’s a pain lugging it around all day, but believe me, it’ll save you a lot of money in the long run. Finally make the most of your day. If you’ve paid the full entry price to get in, make sure you get your money’s worth. If you want to make sure you do all the big rides, my handy hint is to use single riders. More often than not you still get to sit with your friends, and even when you don’t they’re normally pretty close behind. Besides, you tend to cut your waiting times by two thirds. Believe me it’s worth it.

Try something new – It’s just as it sounds, try out a new hobby, maybe horse riding, or dry slope skiing. If you look around near you chances are places nearby are offering taster sessions at discount prices. Maybe you’ll find you have a talent for something you’ve never tried before, or maybe you’ll end up meeting some great new people, but unless you try you’ll never know.

Meet up with your friends often – So what if your friends are all going on holiday, when they get back meet up and let them tell you all about it. Fact is by doing this your friends will realise how awesome you are, which also means that next year they’re more likely to bring you something back, and who doesn’t love holiday presents.

Write for YouthPressUK – So you knew that we’d be throwing this is somewhere… writing for us takes a fraction of your time and all you have to do is click the picture at the bottom of this article -simple. You can write a blog, about current issues or do a feature on something. If you’re not a fan of writing then why not design for us,  proof read or promote. It really is so simple – so why not give it a shot?

Send us your ideas about what to do in summer to youthpress.uk@gmail.com.

A collaboration of writing from the whole team.

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