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A Message from the Editor.

I am now commenting on news which some of you will already know about, yet some of you won’t; either way, it is important that you hear what I have to say about what we, as a team and a community, can do to prevent it in future while strengthening our website and service.

On 30th August 2011 one person thought it would be somewhat appropriate to hack the main site, main email and Facebook account in order to disrupt the reputation of the site and team, and to ruin the work already created. I found out on the 31st – after emailing some team members, I discovered that there had been numerous posts made with unsuitable images and videos with incredibly crude statements, which were all somewhat disgusting and utterly disgraceful.

Whilst we have not found out who did this or why, we have now confirmed that both the email account and the website are secure and can return to being a happy and peaceful place for young people. We were not so lucky with our Facebook page, though. It was reported and subsequently deleted, and we are looking into setting a new one up very soon.

We can now all work together as a team to fight this sort of crime and to put YouthPressUK back on the map. We can make it bigger and better than it ever has been before.

There are still numerous opportunities to get involved with YouthPressUK as a writer, and even to work in one of the other roles such as blogger, designer or proofreader.

I can assure you that YouthPressUK does not stand for or represent any kind of this behaviour, and is a totally neutral organisation, meaning we are open to all ideas, beliefs and views. YouthPressUK also strives to offer equal opportunities and is a completely non-discriminative organisation.

We respect the right you have to comment on this situation and please feel free to do so through the contact section. If you feel you have been effected by the situation then please also get in touch.

I hope this can represent a new start for us, and hope you do too.

With my very best wishes,

Editor of YouthPressUK.


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