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We’re Back!

So you might have been missing us, or not. After lots and lots of time thinking we are back – well kind of… After the hacking incidents during the summer we closed our doors for a while so we could clean everything up but also to get our heads around how to make Youth Press … Continue reading

A Message from the Editor.

I am now commenting on news which some of you will already know about, yet some of you won’t; either way, it is important that you hear what I have to say about what we, as a team and a community, can do to prevent it in future while strengthening our website and service. On … Continue reading

Great New Opportunity..!

We’re very pleased to announce that here at YouthPressUK we have a brand new opportunity for one person to become our weekly vlogger/podcaster… we can only process one person doing this at the moment so apply soon following the role description and application questions below…  You must register your interest before August 31st. Once you … Continue reading

Creative Content: Of Wolves and Men.

Of Wolves and Men. By Gemma Steele Snow lay thick upon the ground, and the close-set trees were like dark skeletal hands clutching at the colourless sky. Glassy icicles clung to their stark branches, shining palely in the weak dawn light. A single bead of water hung from the crooked tip of one of these … Continue reading

Youth Press UK’s Guide to the Summer.

Well summer time is here – even though it may not be the hottest time of year (I think we can award that to April) the point is that most people have time of school, uni or college and so we had to write a little guide on what to do in these 6 weeks. … Continue reading

Running Backwards: Flavour of the Month: July (a Dr Who Special!)

Well here we all are again and as we draw a close to the month of July 2011 a month that saw not only British but Worldwide journalism shaken to it’s very foundations but also the final launch of an America space shuttle there is something noticeably absent from every nerd’s television listings, something important…something…cool. … Continue reading

Dandelion and Murdoch: The Rise and fall of NewsCorp

As far as breaking news stories go, the events surrounding NewsCorp and Rupert Murdoch in the recently branded “hack-gate” scandal have caused change so rapid, there are plans for a minimum height requirement. What initially began as a simple routine journalistic investigation into the goings on within NewsCorp (the multinational corporation that provides a large … Continue reading

To Infinity, And Beyond!

NASA. What comes to your mind when you read that? Is it space or Earth? Maybe rockets or stars? For many, it might be science; but for me, it’s all of these and more. I’m sure most of you know that NASA put the first man on our moon, and that they’re the leading space … Continue reading

RunningBackwards: Review – Lead Balloon

With summer now well and truly underway, the sun is swaying, the trees are shining and all is well…  Unless you’re a resident of the UK, that is, in which case it most probably means you’re either knee deep in flood water or there’s a chance that the dreaded hosepipe ban has affected you. Though … Continue reading

Do Some Creative Writing…

YouthPress is not just about news and blogs – if you’re a bit creative then why not send us some of your stories, artwork, photography, poetry or anything else really for us to showcase here.

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