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Youth Press UK’s Guide to the Summer.

Well summer time is here – even though it may not be the hottest time of year (I think we can award that to April) the point is that most people have time of school, uni or college and so we had to write a little guide on what to do in these 6 weeks. … Continue reading

To Infinity, And Beyond!

NASA. What comes to your mind when you read that? Is it space or Earth? Maybe rockets or stars? For many, it might be science; but for me, it’s all of these and more. I’m sure most of you know that NASA put the first man on our moon, and that they’re the leading space … Continue reading

A Little Bit Magic – The Final Harry Potter

I don’t think anyone really anticipated that this far down the line, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part Two would be released into the cinemas with masses of people, myself included, waiting to be the first to see it at the midnight release. Let’s start at the beginning of what has been one of … Continue reading

Running Backwards: Flavour of the Month: June

Well it’s nearly the end of the month and I’ve managed to rack up 5 of these lovely reviews! Isn’t that nice, So to end each month I thought it would be a good idea what with me being YouthpressUK’s “go to” guy for entertainment and media reviews (Don’t laugh…) I would showcase some of … Continue reading

Write a Feature

Do you want to write us a feature? Well here is your chance, if you are a member then email us with the email you have been given or visit your special get in touch page on the team only part of the site. If you are not a team member then don’t threat, visit … Continue reading

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